Zilla Data Nuker

Zilla Data Nuker 3.2

An application that destroys files, free space and your Recycle Bin contents
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When you erase a file in your computer, Windows doesn't actually delete it, it only marks its space as available. That process allows people who want to use that information for different purposes (like stealing confidential data) to recover it with the help of certain tools.

Zilla Data Nuker helps you destroy and make it impossible to recover the information you want to delete. In order to do that, your data contents (files, free space and your recycle bin) are overwritten and destroyed and can't be recovered (you should be very careful when selecting the files and folders that you want to shred).

The program is easy to use, you can schedule when to shred empty space, shred restore points, and use a contextual menu (with a right click of your mouse) to eliminate selected files. Note that this program is free to download and use, but it comes with Relevant Knowledge, an application that analyzes and sends data about your browsing habits. If you don't want to send that kind of information, you should not install this software.

Daniel Verdesoto
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